Eleomar Puente

“Puente is a creator of unconventional universes, of improbable creatures and artifacts.  Using subtly these elements, some of great and deliberate force, in a narrative that alludes to the aggressive everyday reality, making each of …

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Armando Alvarez Bravo
Art Critic of El Nuevo Herald (The New Herald), Miami, Fl.

Las nuevas fabulas de Eleomar Puente

¿Es dominicano? ¿Es cubano? Pregunta extraña al tratarse de Eleomar Puente, cubano de pura cepa, oriundo de Santiago de Cuba. Sin embargo, su obra ha calado tan bien en Santo Domingo, que le han adoptado …

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Marianne de Tolentino
Critica de Arte y Directora de Galeria de Bellas Artes, R. D.

Magical Recount

Up to the age of twenty three, Eleomar Puente grew up on an island of utopian smells, inconclusive dreams, uncertain nostalgia, and ancestral apprehensions, and being a castaway himself, clings fervently to reminisce, feeding on …

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Nereyda Lahit-Binog
Art Historian

Eleomar Puente: the metaphor of authority

This in one of the few occasions in which I can unequivocally say that I’m in front of an excellent painter. And there is no epithet that will fit Eleomar Puente’s magnificent creations. There is …

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Sara Hermann
Member of the Dominican Association of Art Critics And member of the International Association of Art Critics
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