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The work of Eleomar Puente has its beginnings in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and focuses on the new strategy of art figures in Cuban and/or Caribbean art of the latter part of the …

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Omar-Pascual Castillo
Director of CAAM

The Kinetic Melodrama of Eleomar Puente

By Alfredo Triff.There is something unique in the painting of the Santiago’s artist Eleomar Puente that aims to the kinetic melodrama of the form: To mold a nerve to the image before or after it’s …

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Alfredo Triff
Art Critic and Musician

Eleomar Puente: Memoria y Reflexión

Eleomar Puente nació en Santiago de Cuba en 1968. Egresado de la Escuela Provincial de Artes Plásticas José Joaquín Tejada en su ciudad natal y de la Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro en la …

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Amable López Meléndez
Head Curator for the Museum of Modern Art. AICA President in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, 10/2008

The Escape of Confinement

… Eleomar Puente’s art is a transparent metaphor of the ubiquity of power. From there that his works hint at dangerous zones, nests of omnipresent forces from which one has to escape. The displacements onto …

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Ingrid M. Jimenez Martinez, Ph. D.
Ph. D
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