Eleomar Puente

“Puente is a creator of unconventional universes, of improbable creatures and artifacts.  Using subtly these elements, some of great and deliberate force, in a narrative that alludes to the aggressive everyday reality, making each of his creations be a fabulous chance upon human destiny.

To illustrate that which in turn contrasts the existence, the abundance and the freedom of the creature, the artist employs sharp elements mostly aggressive in its essence. To these elements he grants a strange character, that of inertia and the living, although on these same elements emblems and masks of these characters are used as malevolent agents.

This approach and his ability to translate these impossible settings that eventually turn out credible, lets us face a painting that inevitably indebt us of the surrealism and  of the visions of Hieronymus Bosch, which defies itself from awareness of a time period without age, in which everything coincides and explodes.  This unleashed power of this crucial painting is his best credential, his most precious luxury… fantasy.