Telling stories about home

The work of Eleomar Puente has its beginnings in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s and focuses on the new strategy of art figures in Cuban and/or Caribbean art of the latter part of the past century until now. Eleomar belongs to a generation of creators moving away from the neo-expressionist ideas, tropicality, and vernaculars of the ‘80s, and towards a restoration of the esthetic paradigm of post-academic representations.  Among his contemporaries, he is accompanied by the likes of Reinero Tamayo, Rubén Alpizar, Carlos Estevez, and Esterio Segura, who all have in some way managed to change the national visual panorama of the island into a much more narrative and esthetic dimension, almost bordering on the delirium that characterizes one who tells stories of realism; a realism that flees from reality to play in an imaginary fictional mythology, where power is almost always the main topic of discussion. That being the case, the many ways in which Eleomar Puente has evolved over the course of more than 20 years of artistic work is also marked by his indifference to having been exiled. The Cuban artist has resided in Santo Domingo for more than 15 years, and from there has developed his work where he has had the freedom to address topics relating to the political disinterest of the average person living under a dictatorship of power, a political power represented by a tyrannical figure, a despot and domineering miniscule little man brought to power over the masses by the virility of the pedestal that he is on, even when that pedestal later falls, crumbles, disappears and goes up in smoke or in the ashes of sadness for the days of yore, but a sadness that one gets over, thanks to his new found freedom. This time, fighting against other forces of power- the forces of nature, of faith, and the appropriate artistic language… Eleomar’s works, like the triumphant trophy of a victory that still has much to say, from within the maelstrom of his gyrating journey.  Like the shocking whirl that each of his paintings provokes on our gaze like a burst of talent, virtuosity, and consistency. What you see – a lie finally being exposed – is what you get.  And before this discernment, the slight truth of a man remains – Eleomar.