Magical Recount

Up to the age of twenty three, Eleomar Puente grew up on an island of utopian smells, inconclusive dreams, uncertain nostalgia, and ancestral apprehensions, and being a castaway himself, clings fervently to reminisce, feeding on his eminent experiences with love and a dreamlike ecstasy.

From that continuous nostalgia he conceives the characters that debuts once and again in dramatic satiric images.

It would look like a paranoid attitude from the artist, but nothing is further from the truth. His paintings are expressions of his acute sensibility, of his thoughts and emotions, of his timeless concept which transcends from his art.

Eleomar is a catalyst of subjectivities, which seems to give him the illusion of prediction, prophesy, symbolic ideals and even an assertion to the fragility of the human being.

In his pictorial pieces converges a moderate realism that is saturated of fantastic visions. In the technical formal aspect he does not make concessions… on this case he recaptures an array of grays without permeating the luminosity with which he emphasizes the main characters of his paintings.

He’s an expert on the application of the chiaroscuro, of flawless drawings and suggestive accounts, achieving a harmonious relationship amongst the parts for his compositions. To the observer, the vitality of the artist is evident through these features, capable of expressing a thought that transgress geographic periods with esthetics values…